Do Aliens and God Exist?



There are only two absolute answers to this first question (Does Aliens exist?) : “yes” or “no.” If humans cannot answer firmly, they do not have enough evidence or confirmation to ensure a correct answer. The best they can respond at the moment is, “I do not know.”

Once we have enough scientific evidence—perhaps the detection of strong radio signals with a meaningful communication from the outer space—the existence of aliens can be demonstrated. Such proof would show the existence of human beings in this universe is not unique.

An even stronger piece of evidence for alien existence would be objects or aliens arriving on our Earth that show us their civilization and existence. This, in reverse, is what we did in sending Voyager I and II to outer space in 1977. We expect other life forms might retrieve them and understand the messages.

At that time, people on Earth relied on universally understood concepts, and developed a communication method neither specific to a location, nor a species, nor a world. Since the spacecrafts will orbit the Milky Way for the foreseeable future, NASA scientists decided that Voyager should carry a message from its “maker.” They produced the Golden Record, a collection of sounds and images they hope will be interpreted by other life forms. It contains[1]:

  • 115 images of scientific knowledge, human anatomy, human endeavors, and the terrestrial environment.
  • Spoken greetings in over fifty languages.
  • A compilation of sounds from Earth.
  • Nearly ninety minutes of music from around the world.
  • An English-language letter from former President Carter of the United States.

If the aliens in outer space sent out similar objects or an unidentified flying object (UFO), we could retrieve them and interpret communication from the intellectual beings.

Such evidence would verify the question, “Do aliens exist?” with an absolute “yes.” However, we are biased toward a “no” answer in case we have not found actual evidence. To prove something is not in existence is generally more difficult because humans are limited in time and space.

There is no way a human can search everywhere to make such a scientific claim that aliens do not exist. Only the Creator, who is above time and space, would know this for certain.

Using similar scientific arguments and principles, a second question can be asked of people with open minds who would like to investigate the facts and truth before answering another question.

Does God exist?

I used to be an atheist and believed in evolutionary theory until I spent time investigating the other side of the answer. Based on arguments similar to those in the first question, to prove God does not exist is much more difficult to prove than God exists.

Some scientific theories and projections, based on basic experiments and fossils, seem to demonstrate that humans evolved from a lower order of mammals like monkeys, apes, or chimpanzees.

However, the evidence is still superficial and not strong enough to provide a definite answer for the nonexistence of God. To say that “God does not exist” holds a scientific bias, just like saying “aliens do not exist” in case of strong evidence not available.

A better approach is to investigate on both sides of the scientific argument before committing to a final answer and decisions. Analyzing how the two answers are different, I see the “no” approach as a bottom-up investigation, while the “yes” approach is a top-down investigation as in the figure (8).



First, let’s take the assumption of a top down approach in that God created humans: How do we know He created us?

A logical explanation would be a communication channel transmitted through the history of people, which can be received and interpreted by anyone who wants to listen.

Since divine wisdom is far above Man’s wisdom and our intellectual capability to comprehend, the Creator would find the best way to communicate to us directly or indirectly.

I will discuss more about how God communicate with people on earth in my next blog!

[1], Accessed on June 28, 2019

Note: Excerpt from my book PHYSICIST’S PERSPECTIVE ON GOD  



Do Aliens and God Exist?


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