How God communicate with us?




Watchman Nee in his book, The Normal Christian Faith, pointed out if God wishes to reveal himself to us, he must do it through human means. Human communication is conducted through speaking or writing, whether by telephone, signs, or symbols. Speaking or writing are the only two means by which God uses human language to directly communicate to humans.

 If he does so through writing, there must be one book which is divinely inspired among all the volumes written throughout history. If a divinely written book exists, it must specify that the author is God, carry a lofty tone of morality, describe the past and future of the universe in detail, and finally it must be available to humanity.

These are the crucial tests if such book were to exist because it proves not only God’s existence but also his written revelation to us.[1] By checking against these qualifications to see if any book meets the four requirements, Watchman Nee[2] narrowed the choices down to the best book, the Bible.

It is interesting to note that these logical arguments of communication are like what the makers of Voyager I and II sent out in the Golden Record to reveal or introduce humans to aliens. In the divine’s case communication to humans, the maker is the Creator and God of the universe. God does not need to use a spaceship to transport the Golden Record, but He reveals Himself through the “Golden Book,” the Bible, and the “living Bible,” Jesus Christ.

Actually, the Biblical God encourages people to use their mind to appreciate and investigate everything He created. The bottom line is that science is good for people when used correctly instead of misusing science to affirm the nonexistence of its Creator.

By wisdom the Lord laid the earth’s foundations,
    by understanding he set the heavens in place;
by his knowledge the watery depths were divided,
    and the clouds let drop the dew. (Proverb 3: 19 – 20)


Looking at the evidence that Jesus left to the world, I found it much stronger, not only because of the shorter time scale (2,000 years to today), but also due to the number of people who witnessed the existence of Jesus. Had I not been introduced to the Bible where I met Jesus, I still would be an atheist or agnostic not wanting to have anything to do with God.

Besides the historical evidence, there is creation evidence and Biblical evidence allowing you to explore the God of wonders in nature and the God of love in the supernatural. Just like the beginning of the universe was supernatural, the death of Jesus on the cross was a demonstration of God’s nature of love to restore the communication channel supernaturally.

Scientifically, the latest DNA research among people of various ethical backgrounds can be traced it back to a single source of human-like species. Whether there was a mutation from monkeys to evolve into that species is still not clear in terms of scientific evidence.

In addition, there is a missing link to the existence of such a being somewhere between monkeys and human. Based on the latest investigations, the living interim species still cannot be found. I still have an open mind about this research and different hypotheses until more evidence is available.

God’s nature is supernatural to human understanding. Most important of all, you can communicate with Jesus, according to His Word, and to check out if He is real or not. It is the best evidence you can seek when your communication channel to God is opened up. The next chapter of my book shares more about the love in God’s nature, which we can apprehend indirectly through Biblical revelation and directly through Jesus Christ.

[1] Watchman Nee, The Normal Christian Faith, translated from the Chinese version book published by Church in Hong Kong Bookroom Ltd. Company, 1984: 28–37

[2] Ibid, 37–48, content is taken from Watchman Nee ‘s Gospel message delivered in Tienstsin, China, in 1936. Nee kept his faith till his death in prison, witnessing Jesus Christ is the Son of God amidst the persecution of his faith.

Note: Excerpt from my book PHYSICIST’S PERSPECTIVE ON GOD  



How God Communicates with Us?


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