The Multiverse’s implication: the Divine Mystery of the

Triune Creator



Dr. Alan Tai will be presenting to the Chicago Chapter of RTB on the multiverse and the divine mystery of the triune creator on Saturday, December 9, 2023 at 10:00 AM (Phoenix time at 9am)

Set a reminder for yourself, and join us on Zoom at the link below. (We will not be in person for this meeting.)

Agenda for this Sat. sharing: (~ 1hr 20 min.)
How does human exist on this earth?
Multiverse’s implication
Relationships: Triune God
Roadmap: New Creation
Q & A (~ 20 min )

Alan Tai received his PhD in physics from Boston College, specializing in quantum well research. He has worked at various medical ultrasound technology companies as a technology leader and a scientist. His doctoral thesis compared random systems with periodic and quasi-periodic systems in quantum wells. The analytical approaches he studied can be applied and extended to other structures, like DNA.

Alan has worked at various medical ultrasound technology companies, including Philips as a transducer engineer and GE Healthcare as a technology leader and a scientist. He has managed new medical ultrasound transducer products from conception to successful commercial release. During his career in the engineering field, Alan has been granted twelve patents.

He authored the book A Physicist’s Perspective on God: Roadmaps to Wisdom through Science and Life (2020). Alan has been preaching in the Cantonese worship service of his home church in Phoenix for the last decade. He is passionate about sharing how science and nature are in harmony with the creation processes revealed in the Bible. Alan writes on topics related to science, life, and faith at his website, 

Kevin G. Drendel

President – RTB Chicago


The Multiverse’s implication


I have written many articles on science and faith here on Science and Life Blogs

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