Treat People with Different Worldview

No matter where you live, study, and work, people around you should respect one another regardless of their backgrounds, races, beliefs, and ages. 

If we can understand more about other people’s situations and promote dialogue among different cultures, the world will have more peace and fairness. 

I like to read books about people’s lives with varied backgrounds and beliefs. You can explore this interest of mine on my website: Science and Life.

 Growing up in Hong Kong, where people describe the city as “East meets West,” I experienced and learned many different cultures and beliefs. 

I have enjoyed the dialogue with different people who have different worldviews through science and life.

I am a scientist, not a politician, so I try to stay away from political topics on social media. 

The politicians usually offer complicated and complex points of view that can be biased and subjective. 

There is another thinker with an opposite argument describing a completely different outcome for anyone who thinks they have a good point about a specific political idea. 

In reality, though the intent of a political stance may be useful for some people, it might not feel very nice to others. 

History and current world news already demonstrate peace is not easy to achieve without mutual respect and understanding.

I do pay attention to history and how the world’s direction is currently moving forward. However, I like to calibrate my worldview with Scripture inspiration proven to be valuable and provide a path to wisdom.

 On the other hand,…

…science itself is more geared to objective thinking and studies that deal with data collection and analysis. “It is a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws. 

In general, science is related to a systematic knowledge of the physical or material world, gained through observation and experimentation.” Scientists usually keep an open and objective mind about whether what they are studying is considered truthful and realize it must be subjected to research to be verified as correct. 

They can hypothesize, assume, and even imagine specific theories to be tested and checked by experiments to determine if they are correct and accurate. 

The goal of the contribution to science is to claim nothing false or contain mistakes within the scientists’ investigation scope. 

Once their theories prove wrong, partially or entirely, they should make every effort to correct and acknowledge their mistakes and respect others’ insights. 

This embodies the spirit of studying science. Not only striving to give credit to others’ contributions, the scientists know they always stand on their predecessors’ shoulders when accomplishing anything significant. 

I hope the sharing of science can provide common ground for sharing to different readers with different worldviews.

With this spirit of studying science in mind, I want to share the processes of finding the wisdom in different aspects of science and life. My understanding about how God, the Creator, communicates to human beings, opens my spiritual eye to appreciate His divine wisdom and realize His beauty.

Treat People with Different Worldview


I have written many articles on science and faith here on Science and Life Blogs

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